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Prevention or Intervention?

We have high expectations of what doctors, medication and surgery can achieve, but frequently fail to take personal responsibility for our health. Many health problems can be avoided with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Nothing fascinates me more than the way in which we can achieve, and retain, optimum health. 
For the past twenty years I have focused on a constant quest to find the essence of a healthy lifestyle. I have learnt so much from the scientific information I have gathered over the years, from my cooperation with prominent doctors and scientists and from my own experience in the 'health business'.

My all consuming passion for perfectionism and honesty runs deep. I have always searched for, and will continue to try and find, the best of the best. During my relentless search for 100 % effective and pure products I was always spurred on by the knowledge that I was not just doing this for myself, but also for other people who, just like me, wanted to unravel the secrets of a healthy lifestyle.

My main focus is not the business, but the sharing of my vision and experience. 
In my view life is all about sharing a passion and vision, and not about building a career and devising strategies. My search and the desire to communicate my vision have become a way of life.

Success should not be measured on the basis of profit margins or media attention. My aim is to awaken people's enthusiasm by conveying my passion and vision. 
The more successful I am at doing this, the happier I feel.

Jo Wyckmans


An interesting book by Jo Wyckmans on optimum health, nutrition and positive thinking.

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